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[vhost-base] Draft policy proposal

Hi guys,
Please critique the following draft policy amendment for vhost-base.

Oh, and also bear one thing in mind: the virtual host name (e.g. "foobar"
in /var/vhosts/foobar) may not have any correlation to the hostname,
domain, or whatever. So, please don't assume it does.

I've only done the web policy, can others please come up with policy for
mail, LDAP, etc? I'm too tired, and I don't know enough about LDAP, etc,
to come up with them. Thanks!

With that in mind, enjoy!
:) d

(Yes, it probably sucks; it's my first shot at writing policy stuff.
 Also, I'm not subscribed to -policy, hence the M-F-T. Please respect
 this, as I won't see anything sent to -policy only).

daniel@tsubasa:~/policy% diff -urN fhs/fhs.txt{.orig,}   
--- fhs/fhs.txt.orig    Fri Nov 30 01:16:05 2001
+++ fhs/fhs.txt Fri Nov 30 01:19:02 2001
@@ -1736,6 +1736,7 @@
        +-run       Data relevant to running processes
        +-spool     Application spool data
        +-tmp       Temporary files preserved between system reboots
+       +-vhosts    Files relating to virtual hosts
        +-yp        Network Information Service (NIS) database files
        /var contains variable data files.  This includes spool directories and
        files, administrative and logging data, and transient and temporary
@@ -2193,7 +2194,16 @@
        in a site-specific manner, it is recommended that deletions occur at a
        less frequent interval than /tmp.
-       5.13  /var/yp : Network Information Service (NIS) database files
+       5.13  /var/vhosts : Virtual hosting files
+       This directory holds all files for virtual hosts - logs, data, etc.
+       A unified system for virtual hosting system was needed, and many admins
+       already used their own directories, such as /org, /vhosts, etc.
+       5.14  /var/yp : Network Information Service (NIS) database files
        Variable data for the Network Information Service (NIS), formerly known
        as the Sun Yellow Pages (YP), shall be placed in this directory.
daniel@tsubasa:~/policy% diff -urN policy.sgml{.orig,}
--- policy.sgml.orig    Fri Nov 30 01:21:14 2001
+++ policy.sgml Fri Nov 30 01:51:19 2001
@@ -6372,6 +6372,26 @@
          <prgn>update-inetd</prgn> script and are not changed or
          activated during package updates.
+       <p>
+         If a package wants to enable virtual hosting support, it
+         should be done via the generic package vhost-base. It must
+         create a configuration file called \
+         /etc/vhosts/add.d/<i>packagename</i>, containing the following:<br>
+         [add]
+         &nbsp;&nbsp;name = <i>packagename</i><br>
+         &nbsp;&nbsp;type = <i>type</i><br>
+         Where type is one of: web, mail, ftp, ldap.<br>
+         It must also provide four Perl scripts using the Debian::Vhosts 
+         library: a file called <i>packagename</i> in each of 
+         /etc/vhosts/add.d, /etc/vhosts/remove.d, /etc/vhosts/enable.d, 
+         /etc/vhosts/disable.d. The first argument will be the hostname,
+         the rest are as yet undefined, and the scripts should not rely
+         on additional arguments at this stage. These scripts should not
+         use Debconf directly, instead they should use vb_input, vb_get, 
+         vb_go, and vb_unregister, which have the exact same syntax as
+         their Debconf namesakes.
+       </p>
@@ -6468,6 +6488,7 @@
+          If the web server is incapable of virtual hosting:
@@ -6482,7 +6503,20 @@
+           If the web server is capable of virtual hosting:
+           <item>
+             <p>
+               Cgi-bin executable files are installed in the
+               directory
+               <example compact="compact">
+               </example>
+               and should be referred to as
+                <example compact="compact">
+                </example>
+             </p>
+           </item>             
            <item><p>Access to HTML documents</p>
@@ -6514,10 +6548,10 @@
                <example compact="compact">
-               as the Document Root.  This might be just a symbolic
-               link to the location where the system administrator
-               has put the real document root.
-             </p>
+               as the Document Root.  If a web server capable of
+               virtual hosting has been installed, this will be
+               a symbolic link to the default virtual host.
+              </p>

Daniel Stone						    <daniel@sfarc.net>
* bod notes that "US English" is a contradiction in terms

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