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Re: Checking buildd logs

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 02:55:36PM -0800, Rick Younie wrote:
> > Several developer machines run buildds if you want to check things
> > out.  gluck and voltaire for example.
> If you look on voltaire, you'll notice that I take the lazy man's
> approach to build daemons.  It runs in a chroot, but it is by no means
> empty; in fact, almost every time I find a missing build dependency, I
> just toss the package in.

It doesn't really matter because you don't file bugs :-)

...not a dig.  There are several of us handling the m68k logs but
it can still eat up a fair chunk of my computer time sometimes.
I have no idea how one guy can do all the logs for an arch (or
several arches) and still have a life.

Now that all the logs are centrally located at buildd.d.o has any
thought been given to having volunteers file build failure bugs
I'm wondering?  Some problems are arch-specific but many aren't.
Maybe Cc some repository when someone takes responsibility for a
bug?  Or would this be more hassle than it's worth?


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