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Re: Bug#121538: ITP: netwatch -- console ethernet monitor

Noel Koethe writes:
 > Package: wnpp
 > Version: N/A; reported 2001-11-28
 > Severity: wishlist
 > * Package name    : netwatch
 >   Version         : 1.0a
 >   Upstream Author : Gordon MacKay <mackay@uno.slctech.org>
 > * URL             : http://www.slctech.org/~mackay/netwatch.html
 > * License         : GPL
 >   Description     : console ethernet monitor
 > --8<--
 > Netwatch allows a user to monitor an Ethernet segment or PPP line 
 > and examine activity on the network. Hostnames are highlighted in 
 > colours to indicate activity on the bus network based on time. The 
 > monitor includes statistics on transmitted and received packets, 
 > transmitted and received bytes, protocol of last packet (TX or RC), 
 > last communication partner (IP address) and Logging entire stats to 
 > an ASCII file. There is a TOP mode which allows a sorted list of 
 > hosts based on IP usage. All info is updated on a per second basis.
 > --8<--

netwatch is included in the netdiag package.


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