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Re: [2001-11-29] Freeze Update

* Marcelo E. Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org> [011130 10:11]:
> >> Anthony Towns <ajt@master.debian.org> writes:
>  > That's not to say these aren't good questions to be asking: they are.
>  > But the right time to ask them isn't now, it's after the release is
>  > over when we have some experience in how all this new stuff actually
>  > works, and can afford to take some time and develop new software to
>  > make the whole process work better.
>  Perhaps saying this again helps: people are confused.
>  Herding cats comes to mind.  Herding a few cats is difficult.  Herding
>  700+ is daunting.  Herding 700+ confused ones...
>  I have the feeling that a large number of people are confused by lack
>  of information.  Anthony has been sending mails to d-d-a where he
>  somehow says "we are here now and that is where we want to go next."
>  People see that and say "ok, that's clear."  Some weeks later someone
>  asks "we were over there and wanted to go that way...  where are we now
>  exactly? And why?"  The way I perceive it, it's simple lack of
>  information made accessible to people.
>  If one writes a FAQ and people keep asking the same questions, either
>  people are not reading the FAQ or the A's in the FAQ are not clear
>  enough.  Same thing here.

There's no need to write a new FAQ.  I feel keeping the present web page 
updated on the status of the archive and making the URL for
http://ftp-master.debian.org/ more prominent would help.

Many people can help document this information as they learn about it.
I assume anyone interested in helping with this can help by writing web 
pages and working with the debian-www (list) to get them updated.  I don't
see a mailing list for ftp or archive business or I would recommend that.

-- Grant Bowman                                   <grantbow@svpal.org>

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