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Re: [logcheck] I hear you...

 [ I am subscribed to the list now. ]

>>>>> "Alec" == Alec Smith <alec@shadowstar.net> writes:

    Alec> I have the misfortune of maintaining both Debian and RedHat
    Alec> boxes.... The tool you're trying to think of is called
    Alec> chkconfig. Each init script has a line like

    Alec> # chkconfig: 2345 55 25

    Alec> chkconfig is run using a command such as chkconfig sshd on,
    Alec> in which case sshd will start at runlevels 2345 with
    Alec> priority 55 for startup and 25 for shutdown. As much as I
    Alec> dislike some of RedHat's administration methods, I must
    Alec> admit to liking this scheme -- I'm not left to sort out
    Alec> startup priorities on my own.

 Perhaps we should assimilate "chkconfig" then?  Embrace and extend

 I kind of like that [Ok] green lights thing they do with the init.d
 output also.  If that is accomplished in a suitably object oriented
 style; that is, through a documented call interface... the actual
 output routine can be changed and made to do special things.

 What ever got done with that dependancy based init script setup that
 got tossed around for a while?  Has anyone ever implemented it?

I was Linux when Linux wasn't cool.

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