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I've packaged up battstat_applet (from
http://battstat.sourceforge.net).  There seems to have been an older
debian package of it from that site (but not for the current version),
so since I like it more than the standard gnome battery applet (and it
also appears to be the applet ximian uses) I decided to package it up
for myself.

If anyone wants it, its in http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~spotter/debian/

just a word of warning, www.cs seems to be configured to treat most
files as text (i.e. it display the gibberish in galeon at least, instead
of popping up a download dialog, so right-click->save link as)

anyways, this is the first .deb I've put together in years, so I may be
a little rusty (and it seems the make install of the package is a little
bit buggy, so I worked around it for now in the debian/rules instead of
trying to fix the Makefile system itself)

comments appreciated,


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