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Re: Bug#120556: ITP: dmake -- yet another portable make

Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org> writes:

> On Thu, Nov 22, 2001 at 12:42:35AM +0300, Peter Novodvorsky wrote:
> >   Upstream Author : dvadura@dmake.wticorp.com
> > * URL             : http://dmake.wticorp.com/
> > * License         : (GPL, LGPL, BSD, MIT/X, etc.)
> You mean all of these licenses apply? More likely you forgot to 
> mention the license. I wanted to package this myself but I was not
> able to read http://dmake.wticorp.com/ which is still the case. 

Sorry. About license -- it's partly GPL, partly public domain.  
The problem is that the  original URL of  dmake is down for
ages,  but  it is said in README's etc. I need dmake for openoffice
and I take it from  openoffice CVS.

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