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Re: [vhost-base] Draft policy proposal

On Sat, Dec 01, 2001 at 02:40:43PM +1100, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > > "A unified system for virtual hosting system [sic] was needed ...".
> > It's not sufficient to just declare the need and use that as
> > the rationale. Please explain the need as well.
> Previously there was no system for supporting virtual hosts whatsoever,
> so the packages just restricted them to a single host and let the admin
> do all the work and scatter their vhost stuff anywhere, leaving them out
> on their own. This helps standardise virtual host support.

That's mixing up two uses of "unified". You initially use it to justify
unifying the virtual host stuff into a single directory; but in your
justification you only use it to mean "standardised".

You could equally standardise on:


Which would have the benefit of keeping all logs in /var/log (which is
nice and consistent for backup purposes), and wouldn't directly contradict
the FHS.

You might like to email the FHS and see if there's any suggested standards
for locating system-specific user data yet; at one point a /org-equivalent
was being considered (/srv, iirc), which would be useful for this.

Considering the variety of ways of doing this, you probably want to
make your "setup-vhost" script be fairly flexible, so that it could
support, say, any of:






(all of which seem to me to be things admins could reasonably prefer) and
set one of them up as a reasonable default. Choosing one that follows
the FHS (which among other things requires logs to go in /var/log)
as the default is probably a good idea.


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