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Re: automake fun

On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, Denis Barbier wrote:
> If maintainers do not run auto{conf,make} when packaging, then the problem
> we are discussing here does simply not happen.  We are trying to figure the

If maintainers modify the .am or configure.in source files, they have to
run auto* to propagate the changes to the other scripts. And it is the right
thing to do, too -- but then, they must take care of the problem of
filestamp skews.

Note that this is different from running the autotools in the rules file.

The proper fix is actually to get dpkg-source to touch all files that are
patched to the same timestamp.  This is the proper thing to do when you have
a random-order timestamp skew-generating procedure, such as applying the
debian diff over the unpacked tarball.

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