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Re: [logcheck] I hear you...

* Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@hegbloom.net> [011125 02:09]:
>  But that "eyecandy" gives it a "more finished", "polished", "sexy",
>  or "professional" look.  Compare a Debian box booting to a Red Hat
>  one (prior to the inevitable upgrade to Debian; ahmen brothers and
>  seesters).  Which one is more estheticly appealing, to anyone besides
>  it's mother or maintainer fanatic association?

While I think, that colors generally are less professional, redhat's
eye-candy is extremly unprofessional. It even tends to hide error
messages and shows an green "OK", while the service failed....

Please. We have this discussion any once in a while. Many people see the
debian-scripts as an large pro for debian, as Debian starts faster and
more reliable than other systems.

  Bernhard R. Link

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