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AAARRRGGG!!! Murphy got me good

I've been trying to clean up the atari800 package so I can release it.
I've had nothing but one un-reproducable error after another, and now I'm
getting goosed by the rules file, and I can't see why.

When I try to run the clean target (or when dpkg-buildpackages does) I get
the following:

dwarf@dwarf:~/build/atari800-1.0.7$ debian/rules clean
make: i: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `i'.  Stop.

The clean target looks like:

# Clean up after a build and before building a source package
        -rm -f build
        cd src ; make clean
        rm -f atari800*
        -rm -rf debian/tmp debian/*~ *~ *.orig ./#*# *.log
        -rm -rf debian/files* debian/substvars*

I don't see any bare "i" here, and I can do 'cd src; make clean' with no

This is the strangest "gotcha" I've ever run into. Anyone know how to deal
with this? Even when I add an actuall i: target the error persists!

What should I look for?


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