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Adding users

According to Debian Policy section 10.2.1, packages other than
base-passwd are not allowed to modify the passwd and group files.  I
assume this to mean that adduser can't be called from with a package.

What then if a package requires (or severely strongly extremely really
recommends) a user to be added (think in development daemon that is
likely insecure at the moment)?  Is it just simply not allowed at all? 
What should packages, like my AweMUD (http://awemud.sourceforge.net) do
if they really need a user for the package, but they are not part of
Debian and thus won't be able to get an entry added into base-passwd? 
Should a debconf rules thingy (ya, I'm new to package building) be added
that just pops up a warning or somesuch?

Sean Etc.

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