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Re: [logcheck] I hear you...

On 26 Nov 2001, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:

>  Perhaps what would need to be done for that is that the entire screen
>  would need to be under the control of a process that can move the
>  cursor at will, etc.  It would capture all subprocess and kernel
>  printk output, and display it in some interesting and orderly way.
>  Rather than the jumble we get when more than one thing tries to print
>  to the console at the same time, we'll then have an orderly and
>  readable display.

I prefer to see error/success messages in the order they occur. If you
parallelize execution (e.g. fsck) you cannot serialize output.

>  The LSB mentions that they indend for the startup scripts to be
>  parallelizable.  A simple implementation might use "make" as a
>  driver... but anyone who has built, say, the Linux kernel, with "-j
>  32", knows that the several instances of the compiler print whenever
>  they feel like it, and all output is mixed together.


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