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Re: Bug#119286: ITP: sms -- send SM via Polish GSM operators

esms is similar to this package but for spanish operators.

Perhaps all sms related packages maintainers can agree on stablish a common
way of calling that programs, a wrapper to allow applications to send sms
messages independly of the sms package installed, even using the Debian
alternatives system.

What other sms related packages maintainers think about this?

El 12 Nov 2001 a las 11:02AM +0100, Marcin Owsiany escribio:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
>   Package name    : sms
>   Version         : 1.8.9g
>   Upstream Author : Miko³aj Rydzewski <miki@ceti.pl>
>   URL             : http://ceti.pl/~miki/komputery/sms.html (in Polish)
>   License         : GPL
>   Description     : A program for sending SMs via Polish GSM operators
> This is a very useful program, which allows to easily send SMs via
> three most popular Polish GSM operators (Era, Plus and Idea).
> I'm not sure what package name to choose. It's named "sms" upstream, but I don't think
> that's a good name for a program specific to one country.
> Marcin
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