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/dev/hdc gone after restart /emul /lib32 /lib64 [debian-amd64] tmpfs on /dev and wrong depencies [FIXED] Random segfaults (was: Hup,hup Debian AMD64, Hup, hup) [HOWTO] Compile in 32-bits mode on an AMD64 arch... ? [MailServer Notification]Security Notification Re: [SPAM] Re: python2.4 insanity Re: [SPAM] Re: XFS, EXT3 or some other? [testing] x11-common and xbase-clients both want to "Own" /usr/X11R6/bin AMD64 + nvraid installation amd64 at Re: AMD64 debian Arch and NPTL Anyone else getting this apt error? Re: apparent crashes persist -- memtester apparent crashes persist. aptitude asus wifi with Marvell W8300 802.11 Adapter boolean search broken X after upgrade in etch Re: Bug#367634: Fwd: support for Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Re: Bug#374228: installation-reports: Installation failed with base-installer/no_codename on AMD64 Fwd: Bug#375940: Reproduces with all users? Re: Can't find libXmu.a and libXaw.a for xorg Cannot install a bootloader Change in do_chroot script from am64 howto chroot and openoffice cinelerra debian packets Company in the Spotlight compile compiler & compile options. Daily builds for AMD64 have been broken for a while Debian Installer - Etch Beta 3 release debian_amd64_sarge Re: debian_amd64_sarge/testing default compilation flags for AMD64 dmraid and xgl problems :( Fw: Re: Do you want a {}prosperous future? dosemu or dosbox Dropping the amd64-generic flavour dselect wants to remove stuff that I don't want it to remove! Re: Err testing Release Etch Upgrade Puzzle Etch weekly build gcc General advice needed : rebuilding server gfortran Re: gfortran and a compilation gnome difficulties Grub error codes hello how to compile i386 kernel on amd64 in chroot-ia32? Hup,hup Debian AMD64, Hup, hup ia32 chroot caveat(s) IA32 chroot user environment using dchroot in chroot32 gtk+ applications have not chars inotify for debian kernel Installing Debian (Sarge, 64 bit) on AM2 platform fails Re: Installing Debian (Sarge, 64 bit) on AM2 platform fails, update Is there a bug in apt-listbugs? Fw: Job request k8-smp lesstif-bin lib32 libacml.a libmotif3 linux-headers no more needed ? linux-kbuild missing Re: Logitech MX1000 Laser Looking for list of error codes Madwifi problems make install on etch amd64 making a custom deb for libjack messages from Anacron monting mplayer unable to open files mpqc 2.3.1 multiprocessor native 32 bit binaries on amd64 Netinst Image Re: new libc6 from sarge, not in amd64-sarge yet ? Re: non random mmap Not avle to boot from the cd Optimum kernel for Xeon with em64t OT: Re: multiprocessor Pango Problems on 32bit-env PDL? Re: Picasa Playing an encrypted/comercial DVD - libdvdcss Please confirm the bug in the soqt package Re: Please confirm the bug in the soqt package: add on Re: Please confirm the bug in the soqt package: add on SOLVED Policy change ? postinstall of x11-common fails power and performance testing Problem with dselect problems with dhcpd3-server Problems with package verification Problems with USB project python2.4 insanity Random segfaults (was: Hup,hup Debian AMD64, Hup, hup) Reinstall Etch - Possible? request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c Re: Returned mail: Data format error The right tool ? Re: Re: running vncserver? samba: untrusted packages ??? Re: sarge3 kernel build & r3 Re: scsi & official debian repositories security updates Segementation fault on ld Server REALLY slow after console messages sid-ia32 chroot network access. Re: Software RAID5 The last update was on 06:01 GMT Sun Jun 17. There are 600 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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