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Re: sarge3 kernel build & r3

(Also replying to other mails about Sarge support in Etch installer)

On Wednesday 07 June 2006 20:42, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:
> I ment that when you select sarge in choose-mirror in expert mode you
> get the inofficial list and if you choose etch/etch+1/sid you get the
> official one.

Ah, OK.

The Etch installer currently has extremely basic support for Sarge 
installations which has only really been tested for i386. The real 
downside of using the Etch installer for Sarge is that, although a 
current kernel will be used for the installation, it will still install 
2.6.8 for the target system (it does not use any backports).

This means that there is a relatively high chance that the user will 
experience problems on the reboot into the target system.

I'm currently unsure if the udeb that adds Sarge support for the Etch 
installer will make it into the final release of d-i for Etch. The main 
reasons are:
- increasing differences between the Sarge 2.6.8 and current kernels;
- questionable usability of systems installed this way;
- Sarge support may be incompatible with changes needed to realize
  persistent device naming for harddrives.

If it does make it, there will be disclaimers shown to the user after 
mirror selection to the effect that there is only limited support and not 
to come complaining if there are problems on reboot.

To finally answer your question: I don't think we will offer the 
unofficial AMD64 mirrors in the Etch installer in this case, if only 
because the mirror selection happens _before_ the suite/codename is 


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