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problems with dhcpd3-server

I'm wondering if anyone else is running dhcp3-server on their amd64 box
and seeing (or not seeing) the same problem.

The problem is that dhcp3-server is sending out dhcp offer packets with
an 8 byte lease time, for reasons that I can't fathom.  Ie, I think it's
a bug.

However, it does properly say that the option is 8 bytes long, the only
thing is, apparently all clients (that I have tried) assume that the
option is 4 bytes long and don't observer the length specified by

In addition, the correct number 600 actually seems to be in the first
four bytes, but none of the clients seem able to deal with that.
Instead they set their lease time(s) to 3-4 minutes which is just nutty.

So, is the bug in the clients or the server?  Clients I tested were
dhcp3-client (irony) on a 32-bit X86 box, and the udhcpc client in
busybox on a mipsel box.

Output from ethereal (on the amd64 box):

Option 51: IP Address Lease time - length isn't 4
33 08 00 00 02 58 00 00 00 00

Yes, ethereal put's in that comment about the length not being 4.

33 (hex) is option 51, 08 is the length, and 00 00 02 58 is "600" lease
time.  The X86 client actually says something about 4 'garbage' bytes
after the lease time, but gets the lease time wrong -- it sets it at 260
seconds or something like that.

Kind of annoying.  Not sure which one(s) I should file a bug against.



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