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Re: debian_amd64_sarge

On Sat, Jun 03, 2006 at 12:57:09AM +1000, Dean Hamstead wrote:
> i dont think anyone would say that the amd64 port is horendously unstable.
> as a server, most of your standard software is 64bit friendly
> and 64bit is by no means new ground for the linux kernel.
> for example, you shouldnt see any 64bit specific issues from...
> apache.
> mysql.
> postgresql.
> perl.
> exim.
> postfix.
> qmail.
> bind.
> samba.
> proftpd.
> (and friends)
> as they are all diversly ported
> you may have issues with binary or really obscure software.
> that said, 32bit chroot is really good.
> the kernel was ported to amd64 late in the 2.4 series and my understanding
> at this point is mainly hardware and driver issues. there have been leaps
> and bounds in this area.
> for what its worth, i wouldnt hesitate to deploy debian sarge (with a
> newer kernel) on production servers.
> Dean

I'm having problems with my AMD64 system, but I nontheless agree 
completely with Dean.  When I use it as a server it's rock-solid stable.  

The problems occur when I use it as a workstation as well -- and that 
seems to be all trouble with the nvidia video drivers (which for 
perverse historical reasons are called x server, but are used more 
like client-side software).  It seems to crash when I move the mouse 
while the screen is being updated.  But When I log into the AMD64 
remotely from another workstation using xdmcp, (thereby bypassing the 
nvidia stuff) it's also rock-solid.

-- hendrik

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