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Re: ia32 chroot caveat(s)

On Friday 16 June 2006 16:28, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Francesco Pietra <frapietra@alice.it> writes:
> > This confirms that I was right in  reserving the 64bit machine for 64bit
> > applications and the 32bit machine for 32bit applications. It is easy to
> > communicate between the two.
> >
> > Because the calculations at 64bit are long lasting, I use a usb card
> > reader to exchange files, but nothing prevents intercommunication between
> > the two machines.
> >
> > My only worry (or curiosity) in these affairs is the role of the lib32
> > provided on base installation of amd64 etch. There must be something
> > using them (i have not investigated) maybe the video, as jame suspected?
> > If used, this does not appear to be a pure 64bit system. Can lib32 be
> > apt-get remove without preventing functions? I am not going to
> > investigate.
> >
> > cheers
> >
> > francesco pietra
> A base installation should have no lib32. The /*/lib32 links belong to
> libc6-i386 and are not installed by default.

They were installed by default in my case. I carried out a net installation 
(mirror debian.inode.at) on multi-dual-opteron from 
<debian-testing-amd64-netinst.iso> etch beta2 release, downloaded 20 May 
2006. It was raid1 with partitions /, /usr/, /var, swap, /tmp, with grub on 
root. The /lib32 was installed.

You said at that time that /lib32 should be not there.

I repeated a net installation with beta 2 etch installer downloaded 3 June 
2006, choosing a different site, I do not remember which one. Of course, 
everything from the first installation was cleared and file systems were 
placed anew. The /lib32 was installed. I did nothing more than default 
installation paying much attention that nothing different from base 
installation was declared, also because I did not intend to have anything at 

Then you said, make what you want of those /lib32, clear, or whatever else. I 
did nothing. This was not to disregard you precious advice, but because of 
the unfitting of my experience with your expectations. I am not sure that 
somewhere (may be X- ?) needs them. At any event, I remain at least curious 
about this /lib32; was that to automatically support the Pixelview 6600 256 M 
DDR DVI PCI express added to the Tyan K8WE S2895 mainboard? I could send a 
list of the 32lib installed, if useful. I could also send the installer CD 
from the post office.


francesco pietra

> MfG
>         Goswin

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