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Re: ia32 chroot caveat(s)

Francesco Pietra <frapietra@alice.it> writes:

> This confirms that I was right in  reserving the 64bit machine for 64bit 
> applications and the 32bit machine for 32bit applications. It is easy to 
> communicate between the two.
> Because the calculations at 64bit are long lasting, I use a usb card reader to 
> exchange files, but nothing prevents intercommunication between the two 
> machines.
> My only worry (or curiosity) in these affairs is the role of the lib32 
> provided on base installation of amd64 etch. There must be something using 
> them (i have not investigated) maybe the video, as jame suspected? If used, 
> this does not appear to be a pure 64bit system. Can lib32 be apt-get remove 
> without preventing functions? I am not going to investigate.
> cheers
> francesco pietra

A base installation should have no lib32. The /*/lib32 links belong to
libc6-i386 and are not installed by default.


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