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Re: samba: untrusted packages ???

helices <helices@helices.org> writes:

> * Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> [2006:06:05:09:38:40+0200] scribed:
> <snip />
>> Better don't mix sarge and etch. That can confuse apt.
> <snip />
> Where can I read up on the ramifications of this?
> On this very list, I was advised to use sarge to get kde onto my system.
> My understanding of apt, preferences and pinning -- although a meager
> understanding -- is that "mixing" issues can be mitigated.
> What am I missing?

That sarge and etch/sid have the same package/version but different
md5sum because all packages got rebuild. You can end up with apt-get
upgrading a package again and again every time you upgrade.

>> Maybe the previous apt-get update call just fetched a broken
>> Release.gpg file and thus failed to authenticate the mirror. Believe
>> it or not, that happens far too often. Now, after the next mirror
>> pulse has corrected the problem, you got a working one and the problem
>> disapeared.
> OK.  Is it fair to suppose that I am not a lazy moron; and that this is
> a fair explanation; rather than that I do not fully understand the
> subject error message?

You just didn't read the previous error message when you run apt-get update.


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