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making a custom deb for libjack

Hello there

I am running debian amd64 testing on a dual core athlon 64 x2 system. I
am using the system for audio work and have to use a version of libjack
that has been built from the clockfix branch of CVS in order to prevent
jackd from zombifying periodically. This branch is not to be included in
the debian packages for jackd/ libjack any time soon apparently so I
have until now  bodged my libjack to work with debian packages built
against debian libjack by pointing the symlinks in /usr/lib for libjack
at my custom version. A more elegant solution might be to build my own
deb of jack with the special version of the source code in it.

- is the the most elagant solution?
- if not, what is?
- if so, how do I do it?

many thanks


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