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Re: lib32

Francesco Pietra <frapietra@alice.it> writes:

> I must confess that I was not aware that amd64 etch provides /lib32 
> and /usr/lib32. However, I did no link, no export. Should any exist in my 
> installation (tell me what to search and how) it is [a bug of] the system. I 
> have reinstalled amd64 etch raid1 anyway to rule out any mistake with the 
> mode of installation or repositories. I detected no mistake.
> As to my problem, under this light, where to put Open Motif in order that 
> OpenGL is OK? Under /lib32 or /usr/lib32, or under a 32bit chroot, should I 
> decide for the moment to run my 32bit application mentioned below? That is, 
> is any advantage with chroot, except perhaps upgrading? Ideally, compile the 
> package libmotif3 and my application at 64bit.

Sarge has libmotif3 since someone went ahead and checked that it is
legal for amd64.debian.net to distribute it and did build it.

For etch/sid and the official archive nobody has done the work for
non-free. Non-free isn't autobuild, it might not even be legal to be
build and uploaded (see qmail for example). The only non-free packages
avaiable are those the maintainer uploaded and Gerd Knorr hasn't done
that for openmotif and amd64. Ask him to do that, although from
packages.qa.d.o output I gather he doesn't care about other
architectures very much.


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