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security updates

Tried again this morning
gpg --recv-key 946AA6E18722E71E
gpg --armor --export 946AA6E18722E71E |apt-key add -

it worked. Imported.
Sorry for my previous messages
francesco pietra

In fact, it was my error.
gpg --recv-key 010908312D230C5F
gpg --armor --export 010908312D230C5F |apt-key add -

However, the first command with OS amd64 debian testing reports
Host not found


#gpg --recv-key 946AA6E18722E71E

reports no key server known (use option --keyserver)
keyserver receive failed: bad URI

With debian testing amd64 installed,
containg only

deb http://secure-testing.debian.net/debian-secure-testing 
etch/security-updates contrib main non-free

Reading package list ... Done
W. GPG error: Release: The following signatures could't be verified because 
the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 946AA6E18722E71E


francesco pietra

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