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Re: [HOWTO] Compile in 32-bits mode on an AMD64 arch... ?

Emmanuel Fleury <emmanuel.fleury@labri.fr> writes:

> Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> What you actualy do need is gcc-3.4 + ia32-libs-dev on sarge and
>> libc6-dev-i386 on etch/sid.
> Right, I had ia32-libs-dev installed (I had a lot of try and guesses).
> Another point, I am using gcc-4.1 as default. Is it mandatory to use
> gcc-3,4 for this or is gcc-4.x mandatory here ?

Anything above 3.2 is fine. The 3.2 is missing a few files for 32bit

>> You need a 32bit libverifier. The one from
>> /home/fleury/development/projects/Uppaal-project/Uppaal/trunk/server/modules/\
>> lib/ seems to be 64bit. (or you are trying to build a 64bit lib with
>> the 32bit libverifier).
> This should be compiled as 32bits. Indeed, I didn't open the archive
> libverifier.a to check this but I will. But, I'm pretty sure it is
> 32bits (as it has been compiled with the -m32 flag).
>> Did you maybe forget to set LDFLAGS? CFLAGS are usualy only used when
>> compiling and not when linking and then you try to link all the 32bit
>> objects into a 64bit library.
> Hmmmmm, this might be the right thing to do. ^_^
> I'll try this as soon as I can.
> Thanks


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