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Re: [SPAM] Re: XFS, EXT3 or some other?

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Tom Vier wrote:
> This is the second fs thread lately, but all add my thoughts here, too. 8)
> reiserfs:
> I've used for years and only had one minor problem (fsck thought
> there was a hash problem when there wasn't). I've used it on x86, amd64,
> sparc64, alpha, and ppc32.
> + dynamic inodes
> + has data=ordered
> + supports write barriers
> + much faster than ext3
> - slower than xfs and jfs in some cases
> ext3:
> I've used on x86, amd64, sparc64, and ppc32. No problems, but reiserfs was
> stable before ext3 was!
> + compatability
> + has data=ordered
> + write barriers
> + data=journalled (rarely useful, tho)
> - slow!
> - fixed inode tables (tho, that makes fsck more reliable)
> jfs:
> I've only tried on x86.
> + dynamic inodes
> + nointegrity option speeds up restoring from backup
> + lower cpu usage
> - high latency than xfs
> - doesn't support write barriers
> - no order constraints
> xfs:
> Only tried on x86.
> + dynamic inodes
> + delayed allocation
> + write barriers
> + lower latency than jfs
> - no order constraints
> - high cpu usage
Thank you, Tom, for the comparison. I have used ext3 but became
disenchanted when I found it liked to do an old ext2 fsck on boot every
so often according to some magic number. I tried both xfs and jfs
without much joy. At the time (perhaps two years ago now) grub would not
boot with xfs as the boot partition file format. I learned that I could
use reiserfs as the boot partition file format if I made the partition
sufficiently large, which is not a problem with today's hard drives. I
can't remember why jfs gave little joy. These days I use reiserfs with
much joy. I don't understand the problem that others are having with it.
My systems are lightly loaded workstations and servers. I do not use any
data base systems. That is going to change as soon as I can figure out
how to use MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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