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Dropping the amd64-generic flavour


with 2.6.17-final, I am going to drop the amd64-generic flavour.

The reason is simple: On amd64, the linux-2.6 package has 11 flavours 
in total, which is way too much. The build takes over 5 hours currently, 
as each flavour takes approx. 30 minutes on my 2GHz opteron.

I want to get rid of 3 flavours, which will be: 

- the amd64-generic (installer) flavour, which will be replaced in
  debian-installer by the amd64-k8 flavour.

- the amd64-k8 and em64t-p4 flavours, which will be dropped as soon as
  smp-alternatives is available on amd64 too.

I will update the linux-di-amd64-2.6 package accordingly when 2.6.17
Please point me to other places, where this will cause breakage, and I
will help fixing it.

Best regards
Frederik Schueler


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