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Re: General advice needed : rebuilding server

On Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 02:30:37PM +0100, Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:
> Dear All
> This is going to be a long email about various issues. Some are
> management issues rather than 64bit issues exactly, but I thought that I
> would post a full narrative in the hope that people would comment on
> parts of it.
> The Server
> ----------
> We installed a new dual 2.GHz Xeon (1 MB Cache) 2U fileserver with a
> S5350-1 U Dual Opteron Motherboard, 2GB RAM and AMCC/3Ware 9500S-8 SATA

Well, maybe there's your problem.  You apparently installed Xeons in an
Opteron MB.  Obviously kidding, but I wonder what else is confused here.
If /var and /boot are missing, most likely they were mounted to something
before, and aren't mounted now, or vice versa.  Or a newbie sysadmin
who LARTed things to death.



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