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Re: OT: Re: multiprocessor

I forgot to say that 82RPM for fan2 and fan3 is because thewe are the two fans 
on the cage and I avoided deliberately to conncet them to the mainboard (to 
avoid any overcharge). I can see the two fans. No need of software 
monitoring. The only datum that I do not understand is -128C and to what 
temp3 and temp4 refer.

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 09:31, Jo Shields wrote:
> Francesco Pietra wrote:
> > It can be put of the amd64 list.
> > amd64 debian etch
> > kernel 2.6.15-1-amd64-k8 #2
mainboard Tyan K8WE S2895
Two 265 dual opteron
all ram slots filled with 1 GB each
> >
> > #aptitude install lm-sensors
> > .....................................................
> > .....................................................
> >
> > Creating config file /etc/sensors.conf with new version
> >
> > debian:/home/francesco# exit
> >
> > francesco@debian:~$ sensors
> > Can't access procfs/sysfs file
> > Unable to find i2c bus information;
> > For 2.6 kernels, make sure you have mounted sysfs and libsensors
> > was compiled with sysfs support!
> > For older kernels, make sure you have done 'modprobe i2c-proc'!
> > francesco@debian:~$
> >
> > How to make? Thanks for helping how to check temperatures.
> run "sensors-detect" as root.

Hi Jo:
thanks a lot.
However, a question related to the output, got at the machine start:
~$ sensors
Adapter: ISA adapter
temp1:       +33°C  <-- cpu1
temp2:       +33°C  <-- cpu2
temp3:       +29°C
temp4:      -128°C
fan1:     3347 RPM  <-- cpu1 fan
fan2:     82 RPM
fan3:     82 RPM
fan4:     3404 RPM  <-- cpu2 fan

As reported by Andreaa, I also got -128C for temp4, which apperas to be colder 
than Siberia.

I don't know if the indicated cpu 1 and 2 are correct in my case (I 
transcribed from Andrew)

After some 20 minutes, without doing work:
temp1:       +36°C  <-- cpu1
temp2:       +35°C  <-- cpu2
temp3:       +38°C
temp4:      -128°C
fan1:     4990 RPM  <-- cpu1 fan
fan2:     82 RPM
fan3:     82 RPM
fan4:     4379 RPM  <-- cpu2 fan

Your advice? I have added at the top hardware data


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