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Re: [SPAM] Re: XFS, EXT3 or some other?

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 14:53, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 01:52:20PM -0800, Fielder George Dowding wrote:
> > Thank you, Tom, for the comparison. I have used ext3 but became
> > disenchanted when I found it liked to do an old ext2 fsck on boot every
> > so often according to some magic number. I tried both xfs and jfs
> > without much joy. At the time (perhaps two years ago now) grub would not
> > boot with xfs as the boot partition file format. I learned that I could
> > use reiserfs as the boot partition file format if I made the partition
> > sufficiently large, which is not a problem with today's hard drives. I
> > can't remember why jfs gave little joy. These days I use reiserfs with
> > much joy. I don't understand the problem that others are having with it.
> > My systems are lightly loaded workstations and servers. I do not use any
> > data base systems. That is going to change as soon as I can figure out
> > how to use MySQL and PostgreSQL.
> The time between fsck's is not magic in ext3.  it is right in the
> information you get from tune2fs, and adjustable with the same tool
> (including turning them off entirely).
> As for reiserfs, well I have been burned by its design in the past, and
> don't trust it anymore.  I recently read that apparently they now
> support ordered writes, which would probably elliminate the cause of the
> data loss I had from it.  Certainly ext3 uses ordered writes by default,
> and I haven't lost data to it yet.  I still think any FS that doesn't
> have a reliable safe recovery tool isn't worth using.  So reiserfs is
> out for me.

Sad to read about that, after having reiserfs as filesystem on all my 
partitions (except precious data - my papers and my database - that I 
extra-save on a 25 years old external scsi HD as vfat). I understand that 
going back means doing everything, except partitions, ex novo. Now that I 
have even set up the measurement of temperatures. Is tout le monde convinced?

> Len Sorensen

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