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Re: multiprocessor

Francesco Pietra wrote:
Forgot to say:

$ uname -a
Linux deb64 2.6.15-1-amd64-k8-smp #2 date

mpqc 2.3.0-1, running on amd64 etch debian, sees only one processor, while there are two.

I posed the question also to the mpqc list but, in the meantime, I wonder wether there is anything general to do with debian.

Mother bowrd Tyan K8WE S 2895, two 265 dual opteron, all eight slots of ram filled (1 GB each)

At computer on:
CPU0=Dual Core amd64 opteron 265
CPU1=Dual Core amd64 opteron 265

All ram detected (also, subsequently, with top command)

However, runs with mpqc (that end successfully) report:
Using ProcMessageGrp for message passing (number of nodes = 1).
  Using PthreadThreadGrp for threading (number of threads = 1).
  Using ProcMemoryGrp for distributed shared memory.
  Total number of processors = 1

As far as I understand, on the general command $ mpqc filename.inp | tee filename.ou
all available processor should be detected.

What can be done from the debian general point of view of checking processors?

Thanks for helping.


francesco pietra

cat /proc/cpuinfo

This will show each core as a separate CPU

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