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Re: Playing an encrypted/comercial DVD - libdvdcss

On Sat June 24 2006 10:46, Adam D wrote:

> Thanks for all the input, for my first time I have it working.  :)  Now, is
> it possible that using the libdvdcss could affect the drive/hardware?  I
> don't know if it is just hapend the drive failing on me (seams like the
> motor is wavering not a constant motion when disk is inserted) and getting
> to watch DVDs.  The sad thing is that it is only 2 years old and really
> have not seen that much use yet.  It is a DVD+- WRW dual layer/ CDRW.  My
> first guess is that it is just going bad.. but one can't help to wonder.

I don't think using it will create any problems for you. I haven't used it 
recently but I have in the past with good results.

I just installed it on etch and it's not working right here. This is a new 
install so I may have other requirements unmet, I'll have to keep trying.. :)

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