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Change in do_chroot script from am64 howto


after upgrading my amd64/unstable with ia32-chroot(also unstable) the
chroot-script from
doesn't work. I used it for calling OpenOffice from outside the chroot.

I'm not shure whether the change was in the way the script interprets
the calling parameter or the changes where made in chroot environment.

After the upgrade the script passes the following command to the chroot
<ooffice  'file.odt'> but only this command works: <ooffice file.odt>

Starting OpenOffice without any parameter wasn't affected. 

Would anybody approve this behavior? In the following is the script with
the changes I made:

for i in "$@" ; do
echo "`basename $0`" "$ARGS"

exec dchroot -c ia32 -d -q "`basename $0`" "$ARGS"

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