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Re: General advice needed : rebuilding server

Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:
- a RAID card problem, possibly heat related
- an out-of-control daemon
  apcupsd? samba? netatalk?
- a kernel problem
  wrong kernel architecture, buggy kernel implementation by 3Ware
- cracker or newbie sysadmin killing /boot and /var

What file system are you using for /boot and /var themselves?


I was able to fairly quickly get a working apt together and decided to
reinstall all the critical packages so that /var would be populated
I encountered a major snag. All the amd64 repositories were offline or
only had partial contents. In the end I wasn't able to rebuild the
server this way (or install a new kernel) due to missing testing

Testing isn't missing. Debian has AMD64 testing, on any standard Debian mirror. What's missing is the obsolete unofficial Debian-AMD64 Project's clone of Testing. Use a real Debian mirror if Testing is what you want. See http://wiki.debian.org/DebianAMD64MirrorMove

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