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Re: native 32 bit binaries on amd64

edwardsa <edwardsa@afrl.kirtland.af.mil> writes:

> While I understand that to keep a  purely 64-bit environment some
> recommend that AMD64 users set up a chrooted environment, I would like
> to know:
> 1. The practical disadvantages of installing the ia-32 libraries to
> run, for example, open office

Ia32-libs only has a couple of very frequent 32bit libs for 3rd party
software. OOo needs a lot more than what is there. We are currently
working at the X11R7 upgrade for ai32-libs and then we can go add more
stuff after that to get OOo running for etch. But not now.

You also need so set some environment variables to get X locales
working, which OOo needs. Chroot doesn't need that.

> 2. After I have installed the ia-32 libraries, how to install the
> 32-bit binaries for open office.

You can't. At least not the normal way. You can try forcing the
architecture but that is risky. If you are unsure about all this use a
chroot. That is the care free way that WILL work.

> Thanks,
> Art Edwards


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