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Re: debian_amd64_sarge

Kompar Krisztian wrote:
> Dear All,
> I would like to get more information about AMD64 port of debain sarge.
> The stability and reliability is very important for me. For this time
> only official i386 release of sarge are runing on my servers. Now I want
> to use more than 4Gb RAM that is why I am planing to install an AMD64 port
> of debian to my new server.
If all you have a need for is to access more than 4 GB of RAM, then just
recompile your kernel with CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G=y.

> I have some question before install it:
> 	- It will be possibe to upgrade OS from sarge to etch when the etch will be official stable release (at the end of this year)? The release change was well tested on i386 platform and I could change it without any big problem.

Yes, the upgrade path from one stable release to another is always well
tested.  One of the goals of the amd64 porting team was that although
the Sarge release would be treated as unoffcial by the Debian project,
everything would be just the same as though it were a stable release.
Today, the only functional difference is that the sources.list entries
do not point to official mirrors for Sarge.

> 	- Does AMD64 port of sarge use the same code as i386 port of sarge? So
> 	  the AMD64 port is as stable and reliable as i386 port?

Yes, it uses the same code.  However, this is what can make the amd64
port *less* stable and complete than the i386 port.  The primary reason
is that there is still a great deal of code out there that is not 64-bit
clean.  However, this is no different than the situation encountered
with all the non-i386 architectures supported by Debian.

> 	- Are here somebody who use this port on Intel servers for a long time?

Not personally.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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