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Re: lib32

Francesco Pietra <frapietra@alice.it> writes:

> Hi Goswin:
> I did not install ia32. However, looking at the sources.list and commented 
> lines, I fear I did a big mistake:
> I have a commeted line
> # deb ftp://ftp.de.debian.org/debian etch main contrib non-free
> and corresponding deb-src
> I fear that at some stage this line was not commented and, lacking amd64, 
> created the mess of mixing amd64 etch with 32 etch.

That can never happen. apt and dpkg only use amd64 packages unless you
specificaly override the architecture. The above line is perfectly

> It is a pity because I got kernel 2.6.15-1-amd64-k8-smp #2 SMP correct for my 
> hardware and correct raid1.
> Well, I believe that the best is to reinstall amd64 etch from installer etch 
> beta 2 that I still have, and then net. I stiil have the procol that was 
> correct, except the sources.list that may have been wrong at some stage. At 
> any rate I need pure 64bit, no ia32, no 32 chroot.
> Would you be so kind to list the correct format 
> deb ftp:// for amd64
> and
> deb htt:/secure .. for security updates
> It should avoid dropping again into a mistake.
> Thank you
> francesco pietra

You already have the correct line.


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