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2.2.11 boot floppies not good for debian/ppc/apus. 7200 installation - floppy Administrivia (was Re: 7200 installation - floppy) Adobe Acrobat always trying to boot a 2.3.49 kernel on ppc architecture Annoying problem with the floppy boot-floppies 2.2.12 uploaded Re: Boot floppies saga continues. Can someone look into bug #62050? char / unsigned char [was: gnome-pim: Cannot open user-cal.vcf or GnomeCard.gcrd on PPC] come back to LinuxPPC Re: communicator-smotif-47 out of frozen. considering purchasing a Powerbook console-data: Broken powermac keymaps Debian cross-compilers debian on a powercenter power tower pro debian on imac dv Debian on Powerbook Firewire debian-powerpc: g4 installation woes. debian-Powerpc: Support for Apple DVD-RAM. deb-ppc: Is debian-configuration broken ? deb-ppc: X server debian packages ? Diskless boot FBDev crashes festival ready, please test. Further Information on X problem gnome-panel: mixer_applet does nothing to PowerMac internal speaker Re: gnome-pim: Cannot open user-cal.vcf or GnomeCard.gcrd on PPC Has GNAT been ported to PowerPC version of Debian? FW: help hmmm i386->powerpc cross compiler Re: i386->powerpc cross compiler (netboot) Re: I am interested in participating in the Debian/ppc project (PowerMac) installation testing iMac Graphite iMac special edition install fustrations Installing a debian in a RS/6000 Instructions to install the battery monitor for the Laptop Is anyone using pmac-fdisk? iso8859-2 on apus/debian box (polish specific) Re: Kerberos4KTH patch kernel included w/ boot floppies killustrator & debianppc Re: Linux for PPC Linux on a RS/6000 with PowerPC and MCA linux-powerpc: booting from zip disk ? LinuxPPC init.d/functions ??? lyx - klyx Mail Aps, Netscape, and cf.m4 Mounting CD-ROM MVME2306: Kernel panic netscape 4.7 and festival debs for powerpc Netscape 6 New boot floppies available (again) Re: New Quik available New Xpmac (was: XF68_FBDev and Powerbook (Mach64) acceleration) Re: ntpd and keyboard ntp time (more) optimized compilation pilot-link on powermac 7200/90 ? PLEASE, use a REAL EMAIL ADDRESS Powerbook G3 (Wallstreet) and CPU Speed Powerbook Issues PowerBook/Stylewriter Power Mac 6100/66 Power Mac 7500/200 Powerpc docs missing PowerPC success! Re: Problem Debian Apus rescue.bin Re: Problem with Dselect RS6K support? WAS: Re: Linux for PPC Re: [rtl] Booting RTLinux kernel Setting up a USB track ball sig11 on as sonnets card Sound drivers Source-dependencies and bad packages list? trouble with kernel&modules (or am I stupid?) UDP datagram Unidentified subject! user-friendly access.log X configuring Xemacs Broken ?? XF68_FBDev and Powerbook (Mach64) acceleration XFree86 on a G4 x windows x windows probs w/ log yaboot? yaboot errors on g4 yaboot now working on g4. ybin 0.13 online The last update was on 20:18 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 337 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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