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New Xpmac (was: XF68_FBDev and Powerbook (Mach64) acceleration)

On Mon, Apr 10, 2000, Vivek Balasubramanyam <vabalasu@warg.uwaterloo.ca>

>I'm using a PowerBook firewire, and I just tried running Xpmac.  It
didn't seem
>to do much in the way of accerelation, but it did give me 3-button mouse
>emulation.  One side-effect (and I'm not sure if this is caused by Xpmac) is
>that xdm has apparently lost the authority to connect a user to the X
>So basically, the only way I can run the server is by killing xdm, logging in
>as root, and running startx with root permissions.  So if you haven't
>Xpmac yet, you might want to hold off.  When I fix my problems, I'll post
>The one graphical advantage I got was the ability to use 24-bit colour. 
>XF86_FBDev only gave me 16.

Kevin hendricks latest "rev. 10" Xpmac contains support for acceleration
on the Rage M3 chip (the video chip in the new PowerBook).

Here's a copy of his announce:

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Announcing revision 10 of Ryuichi's Xpmac server accelerated for Mach 64,
and Rage 128 with usb mouse support added (Chips and Tech and IMS 128
acceleration code is there also but I have not been able to test these so
any feedback would be greatly appreciated.)

Both the binary and source tar archive are available from:


New features include:

- recognizes more Rage 128, Rage 128Pro, and Rage Mobility M3 cards for

- fixes to stop leaking of mouse events from MoL into Xpmac and visa-versa

- fixes to speed up Xpmac (regr, regw macros).

Please upgrade to BenH's latest linuxpmac kernel if you intend to
use Xpmac with the latest Rage Mobility M3 or Rage 128 Pro cards.

It includes fixes for the aty128fb to porperly set XCLK for these



P.S. Please feel free to mirror this archive anywhere you want.  If you make
improvements to the code, please send patches back to me for use
by others.

Have Fun!


Kevin B. Hendricks
Associate Professor of Operations and Information Technology
Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario  N6A-3K7  CANADA
khendricks@ivey.uwo.ca, (519) 661-3874, fax: 519-661-3959

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