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Re: linux-powerpc: booting from zip disk ?

Nelson Abramson wrote:

> > Does any one know if I can boot linux from a zip disk on a PowerMac G4 ?
> Well, that depends what you mean by boot.  If you mean load yaboot and a kernel,
> then yes, most certainly.  That's what I do.  You just replace "hd:" with
> "zip:" and you're all set.
> > So can it be done ?
> Yes.
> > Do I need to fool around in Open Firmware ?
> Well, you need to fool around w/ OF via yaboot/ybin (the easiest way) to boot a
> sawtooth regardless of the media.
> > If so what do I need to do ?
> Get yaboot, setup your yaboot.conf, get the kernel, and get the necessary
> install files (ramdisk, etc...)

OK this all sounds great, but I don't have any machines running Linux/PPC (I assume
yaboot/ybin requires Linux/PPC but I might be mistaken).
Can I create this boot zip disk from an i386 linux machine or MacOS ?
I'd prefer i386 linux as I do not want to install MacOS and waste the extra disk

Brendan Simon.

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