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Re: debian on a powercenter power tower pro

"MS" == Maarten Stolte <m.stolte@netventure.nl> writes:

   MS> can debian ppc run on the powercenter power tower pro?  I
   MS> haven't got any other use for it then to burn cdroms on
   MS> it,=20 since MacOS doesn't really prove itself usefull for
   MS> web authoring imho, so running debian on it would be cool.

Works great on my PowerCenter 132, so I can't imagine it wouldn't
run fine on a PowerTower Pro.

As for MacOS not being useful for Web authoring, I still haven't
found anything that's even close to being a replacement for
UserLand Frontier (for doing static sites).

Also, could you please not send MIME messages to the list?  Plain
text works just fine, and isn't nearly as annoying (or as large).


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