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Re: deb-ppc: X server debian packages ?

Clay Ginsburg wrote:

> the g4, and powerbook(read g3) use the same packages IIRC.

I think that any of the portables with rage chips in them can use the same fbdev
server as the sawtooth, although they may get better performance out Xpmac.

> as far as X not working, i think we can start a club :).
> Unfortunately i don't know enough to fix the stuff and people who do
> seem to be busy finishing up potato, so we are in a rock and hard
> place.

What's wrong w/ compiling XFree4 yourself?  It went really painlessly for me,
once I applied the patches....just took a long time.   Just remember (if you get
it from a linuxppc/redhat directory tree) to specify the PREFIX= in the
./configure script so that it complies with the debian directory tree....

--Nelson Abramson

"Apparently if you play the Windows NT CD backwards you hear satanic messages"
"You think that's bad, if you play it forwards it installs Windows NT!"

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