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Re: Linux on a RS/6000 with PowerPC and MCA

On Fri, 7 Apr 2000 tom_gall@vnet.ibm.com wrote:
>   I haven't heard of anyone working on the MCA RS/6000's. You'd have
> some code to write I'm sure.

Ayuh.  Glad I'm not the one to do it.

>   Speaking from the perspective of "IBM help". What'cha need? Perhaps I
> might be able to first find it and second get permission to send it your
> way.

Adam Fritzler appears to be the smart guy regarding the confluence of MCA
and PPC.  Though he's pretty heavily loaded with Token-Ring issues, IIRC.

I suspect technical (HW- and register-level) docs for any PowerPC MCA
RS/6000 boxen would do it.  But I don't know who should get it.

Someone with time, C skills and the appropriate hardware COULD raise their
hand and describe their platform(s)...

MCA platforms I've seen so far on LPPC-WS (dupes are likely):
RS/6k 250 
7011, 7012, 7013 PowerPC models
PowerPC 42T
RS/6k Mdl C10

It would seem like the best tack would be to go after the MCA PowerPC
boxen with an MCA port and a bootloader.  Once that's working one could
then start playing with POWER's different MMU and instruction set. 
Someone said that the PowerPC compiler can generate POWER code. 

And I counted about 5 people with boxes expressing serious interest
in running Linux.

I don't count, as I don't kernel-hack or own any IBM RISC hardware.

BTW, any word on those PPC IBM NetFinity boxen's hardware?

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