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Re: yaboot errors on g4

"EB" == Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:

   EB> interesting, when i was testing various methods for making
   EB> bootable CDs for newworld systems i found that a fully
   EB> partitioned CD (as linuxppc 2000's is) simply would not
   EB> mount under linux, no incantations of -part or anything
   EB> would make it work.  I also read a rather long thread on
   EB> the linuxppc-user archives of users complaining that they
   EB> could find no way to mount the linuxppc2000 cd under linux,
   EB> HFS or ISO format.

Weird.  We have LinuxPPC 2000 CD-ROMs (burned from their
downloadable disk images), and the bootable disk mounts fine under
both Linux and MacOS (I used it to ensure that I could safely
recover after upgrading my C libraries -- happily, there was no

I'm using automount, parameters are 

   cdrom           -fstype=auto,ro         :/dev/cdrom


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