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Re: XF68_FBDev and Powerbook (Mach64) acceleration

On Mon, Apr 10, 2000 at 10:28:12PM -0400, Vivek Balasubramanyam wrote:
> I'm using a PowerBook firewire, and I just tried running Xpmac.  It didn't seem to do much in the way of accerelation, but it did give me 3-button mouse emulation.  One side-effect (and I'm not sure if this is caused by Xpmac) is that xdm has apparently lost the authority to connect a user to the X server.  So basically, the only way I can run the server is by killing xdm, logging in as root, and running startx with root permissions.  So if you haven't installed Xpmac yet, you might want to hold off.  When I fix my problems, I'll post again.
> The one graphical advantage I got was the ability to use 24-bit colour.  XF86_FBDev only gave me 16.

Erm, ...

The powerbook firewire, isn't it the one with a mobile rage128 also called
prismo (sort of) or the tokyo released powerbook ?

Does linux run fine on this ?

Alas, i don't know if Xfree 3.3.6 is actually supporting the rage128, there
were talks of back porting support for it from the 3.9/4.0 xfree tree, but i
don't know what happened to it.

What you could try, is to build 4.0, which should work ok. To not have it mess
with stantard debian installs do the following :

  * download the 4.0 -1 archive, no need to get the fonts and docs, since you
    will not use them
  * unpack them and do the following changes to the config/cf dir :
    - change the root dir to be /usr/X11R6.4
    - change the config file to be XF86Config.4
    - build only the server.
    the attached patch against 4.0 should take care of that.
  * then go into the xc dir and do :
    - make World &> world.log &
    - tail -f world.log
    - make install &> install.log &
    - tail -f install.log
    - make install.man &> man.log &
    - tail -f man.log
    this should take you between 30min to 60min, i guess, it took me ~4hours
    on my apus box (603e @240MHz, no cache) and ~1 hour on my k6-2 500Mhz

once that is done, you need to generate a XF86Config.4 (there should be an
example in /usr/X11R6.4/lib/X11 or something such) and change
/etc/X11/Xserver to point to /usr/X11R6.4/bin/Xfree86 instead of



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