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ybin 0.13 online

I have just released ybin 0.13, it is online at my homepage or at


* Main changes are to allow ybin to work properly on stripped down
base systems such as boot floppies.  (it still needs hfsutils and a
mktemp program (if using the auto generation of yaboot.conf), along with
the basic essential utilities like grep, test, cp and so on.  it works
on the debian boot floppies, others may vary or need small additions)

* ybin is better about cleaning up temp files now.

* Some minor changes to the man pages.

* The ofboot.b scripts now include Badge icons for the G4/ibook
graphical boot selector (hold down the option key at boot), now
instead of a generic disk icon for the bootstrap partition, there is a
penguin icon.  Thanks to Nicholas Humfrey for creating the Badge icon.

Also there is the beginnings of a yaboot FAQ/HOWTO posted at
http://www.linuxppc.org/ybin/doc/yaboot-faq.html (there is a link on
the ybin page.  its also available on the alaska.net server in the
same place) It is being written by Eric Peden, many thanks Eric.

Ethan Benson

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