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Re: iMac Graphite

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Todd Shrider wrote:

> I just got rid of my iMac rev. A for a Special Edition. Is this the
> same as a DV?

Yes. For most purposes the iMac 350, DV, and DV Special Edition are
interchangeable. The only differences are clock speed, disk size, and the
presence of DVD and 1394 (Firewire) hardware.

As another poster mentioned, you'll need to use yaboot and a kernel from
benh's development tree. You can get both at:


I simply put yaboot, yaboot.conf and my kernels onto an HFS partition. I
then boot into open firmware and tell it to load yaboot. This isn't quite
as flexible or friendly as using ybin, but it serves my needs.

To boot into OF, hold down cmd-opt-O-F at startup. In OF, the following
commands are useful:

boot             (boot from the default device or file)
boot hd:8,yaboot (load yaboot from partition 8 on the internal HD)

printenv                  (list all environment variables and defaults)
setenv <variable> <value> (change an environment variable)
set-defaults              (restore standard settings)

setenv auto-boot? false (enter open firmware before booting)
setenv auto-boot? true  (only enter OF if cmd-opt-of is held down)

setenv boot-device hd:8,yaboot (by default, load yaboot from partition 8)

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