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Re: Instructions to install the battery monitor for the Laptop

Sergio Brandano wrote:

>  Thanks for the patch. I hope it will be inserted in the next package.
>  As for the GNOME battery monitor, as far as I remember it does not
>  work yet.

The patch is entirely untested; if the applet doesn't work, would you be able to
test it with the patch?  (If you like I can build a gnome-panel package for
you.)  Or are there deeper issues which the patch doesn't resolve?

> There was a *preliminary* patch for allowing apmd support,
>  but we are still waiting for the Debian package of pmud, that shuld
>  gather all these things together. Stephan Leemburg first volunteered
>  for doing the job, but I have not heard since.

I'm not so familiar with apmd, or pmud, except I know the former may be
necessary for the GNOME applet to work.  All I know is that the applet gave a
"comparison always false due to limited range of data type" compiler warning,
which the patch eliminates.  Sorry. :-)


-Adam P.

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