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deb-ppc: Is debian-configuration broken ?

I'm using a G4 machine and am having problems with debian-configuration.

It is using the dialog interface.  I manage to get through stuff like
setting up the network but when it asks me about using md5 passwords, I
find that the keyboard no longer responds.  I try to break to another
console by pressing ctrl-apple-f2 but that seems to be interpreted as
the enter key.  I can not break out of the program with ctrl-c or any
other key combination I try.  The only thing I can do is press the reset
button.  The other problem is that it automatically boots into this
program when I reboot.

Has anyone had similar problems ?

Has anyone got any ideas on how I can configure using standard text
terminal instead of the dialog box interface ?  (I'm not sure it will
fix the problem but I can only try).

How can I boot without the debian-configuration app firing up ?

Brendan Simon.

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