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RE: FWD: help

I'll just offer my $.02.  I am really lucky to have a DSL, so I haven't had to 
jump through so many hoops.  But I was having the "error to fetch..." message 
to.  I logged it down to the /apt/sources.list (I'm doing this from memory 
right now, so that probably isn't the exact file name), which I had to edit 
about five times before it found the correct directory.  You may want to do 

Also, I believe that in the aforementioned file, it makes reference to an
apt-cdrom utility which should be used if installing from a cdrom.

I hope that these pointers help you head in the right direction.  My (very 
limited) experience so far with debian is that it blows LinuxPPC out of the 
water.  This is without even configuring X yet.  Once you get it to start 
working, I think that you will really dig it.  Good luck.


>===== Original Message From Infinito <comito@infinito.it> =====
>Dear friends of Debian,
>I'm a newbie in Debian environment. I used until now LinuxPPc. Now I want
>try Debian GNU/Linux for PowerPC
>but I've a very big problem: I can't install the "rest" of Gnu/linux in my
>PM 6500 after the installation of the Base System. I'll try to be simple in
>my description.
>Architecture: PowerPC
>model: Apple PowerMacintosh 6500
>memory: 64 MB
>scsi: CdRom Matshita 8x
>network card: none
>pcmcia: none
>I've obtained Debian from an ftp mirror site at University of Palermo. I
>download the "Potato" 2.2 version of the system. I record it on a CdRom  HFS
>with Toast. After I've copied the folders on a partition of my hard disk, I
>tried to install the system whit BootX application on another partition of
>the Disk. The Installation of the Base System was successfully (apart the
>problem of device peripheral recognition: it was impossible to go in this
>section during the installation). But after the reboot begin my problem (all
>this week end, included the night, was dedicated to resolve this problem).
>Apt start regularly: I can setup password and other user. Apt ask after
>where is debian directory. I can't use internet at home, so I set
>"filesystem". I mount the HFS partition where is  debian in /mnt. Here begin
>the unresolved problem:
>- Apt want that the Directory is /debian/dists/frozen/ main/binary-powerpc.
>I must to create a lot of directory (as an ftp mirror)  and change potato
>whit frozen. I discover that Apt accept only this after a lot of essays.
>- Now Apt recognize the directory and launch the choice of installation
>(simple or advanced). I choice simple, I'm now ready to select the packages.
>That's all right, Apt launch the installation, after some seconds it print
>on my screen an first list of errors: Err to fetch frozen/main/
>name_of_the_package.deb. After it continue with another list: Err to fetch
>/mnt/debian/dists/frozen/ main/binary-powerpc/name_of_the_package.deb.
>- I try with dselect and I've the same problem.
>- I try all this and other (changing name of Directories, trying to install
>from CdRom, trying to ftp method - stupid I know) during 36 hours. Now I'm
>really tired and I'd like to know if it possible to install Debian on my
>PowerMac and how.
>Thank in advance to the people that want  help me.

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